Kenya SunsetKenya is among the best locations for wildlife photography in the world. There are many national parks with plenty of mammals and birds that do not exist in the wild outside of Africa. We select and combine national parks which enable you to have maximum time for quality nature photography with minimal road transfers.

Quality time in the field gives you the opportunity to wait for the perfect shot. Itineraries are slow paced but detailed so you can observe and record nature.  We select and combine parks in order to provide a circuit giving a wide range of subjects and limiting long road transfers. Daylight hours are not spent on traveling but on opportunities for quality photography.

We encourage our clients to stay in one location for a minimum of two to three nights (and in bigger national parks at least four) in order to have enough time for thorough photo exploration. This way your tour is relaxed with ample time for productive photography.

We plan for maximum time in the field as defined by you –when and for how long. Guides are experienced,  patient and able to interpret animal behaviour, alerting you to the opportunities for perfect photos, knowing how to position the vehicle for the best light and also when to switch off the engine for maximum silence.

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