Jacaranda in BloomAcademic study safaris for high schools, colleges, universities, graduate students, researchers, study groups and alumni associations. Combine travel with teaching and learning activities, connecting with students educational needs of learning, raising intellectual curiosity, team building. Science, Arts, Culture, Society, Nature (wildlife conservation), History, Geography, Agriculture.

Our tours offer valuable learning experiences and fun through various activities like white water rafting, bungee jumping, canoeing, fishing, quad biking, safaris and more. We expose students to new and stimulating situations that help to build confidence in young people, both now and for their future. We offer schools, colleges or university student groups a unique opportunity for two cultures to interact and for the group to experience hands-on volunteer work at local schools in Kenya.
Safety is paramount in all our activities and thorough risk assessments and contingency plans are an integral part of our organization.

We have for the past years been providing logistical support and educational safaris for the Department of Education and for Geography Students at the Universities of Gothenburg and Linkoping, Sweden as well as other summer programs for various American universities.


  • To expose students (and their parents) to an unfamiliar part of planet Earth.
  • To take students safely out of their comfort zone and into a part of the world where the majority of the population struggle for day to day survival.
  • To expose students to the beauty of Africa: the people, the ecosystems, the ability to be happy with few of the material comforts in life.
  • To experience a cultural exchange with Kenyans by visiting a mission school where the students have been orphaned because of the AIDS epidemic in Kenya and later to visit a Teachers College of young, hopeful Kenyans who are training to be teachers.
  • To experience a farm stay where students are able to experience life on a large estate. The enterprising farmers today use modern agricultural methods to work the land and also supplement their living with evening safari tours.
  • At the end of the trip be able to understand and empathize with people anywhere in the world, (including the home country), who, through no direct fault of their own, are not able to enjoy the same comforts as people in the ‘developed world’.
  • Our hope: In the future, when trip participants are decision makers with financial resources at their disposal, we hope they will contribute in some way to help people in Africa, those less fortunate than themselves, to a more secure future. We also hope to raise awareness of environmental issues.
  • The objectives above are not necessarily curriculum related. They transcend formal education and deal with education about the real world.

Our student and school trips offer valuable learning experiences and lots of fun through various learning activities. The main objective of this eco-safari is to expose students to the beauty of Africa; the adventure, the cultures, the diverse ecosystems and to give them an opportunity to be happy with only a few of the comforts of normal western living.
The second purpose of the educational trip is to expose foreign students to new ecological setups, cultures and ecosystems as well as to take students back to the cradle of humanity, not just to civilizations past, but to where humanity began. By being involved in this particular trip, the students will not only view the people and lifestyles of one of the most vibrant countries in Africa but they will also have the chance to view some of the most endangered ecosystems in the world and learn about measures being taken to contain this trend. This trip is a true blend of people and nature.

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